The Adventure of Gabriel Montadaro

Dear friends,

thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Gabriel Montadaro, so you’re in the right blog.

Living abroad for years enrich my experience and change the way I thought, change the way i see things, hope you don’t mind some of my writing here might be a bit “radical” or beyond norm.

That’s okay, again different opinion will enrich and sharpen our mind.

I’ve been traveling to hundreds cities in dozens country, i spent years living and working in Several countries and continents

This blog is the story of my adventure, it is intended to share and exchange knowledge and experiences.

I write about anything, mostly business, social media, travel tips, food adventure, romance and relationship.

This blog will have both English and bahasa Indonesia article.

Enjoy the ride, Feel free to ask question, comment and share, I’m all ears 😀

Gabriel Montadaro
Email :
Twitter : @Gmontadaro


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