Is There Such Thing Like A Born Salesman ?

So often we hear that “so and so” is a born salesperson. This statement also implies that this salesperson’s self-confidence is born as well. However is that really true?

Salesman are MADE not born. Think about that statement, your not a born shop assistant, your not a born mechanic, your not a born doctor are you?

You are what you are because you choose to follow a path, by following that path you learn skills and techniques that made you the person you are.

Great salesman are great because they have drive, they have passion, and they
absorb information .They get a Buzz out of getting up in the morning and making that first call, they can handle rejection, better than you when you when you were first dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend !

Yes self-confidence is an internal talent or skill and is quite often confused with self-esteem. Essentially self-confidence is the capacity to maintain inner strength necessary to succeed or to develop the inner strength necessary to succeed.

Self-confidence can be developed or made just like any other talent or skill set. There are strategies that strengthen self-confidence such as, positive self talk, positive belief or affirmation statement and consistent achievement of personal goals

All human beings including salespeople have the capacity to succeed. How each individual demonstrates that “born” capacity is what separates truly successful salespersons from those who are not as successful.

Give them a break,value them, look after them. Invest in them, nuture them as you would lovingly nuture a plant in the garden and watch them grow and mature to be The BEST sales force you dreamed of.



About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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