Collaboration Brand and Movie, Is it good or bad ?

His Achilles heel was always the green glow of Kryptonite, but now Superman has found another green symbol he actually enjoys – the dollar.

If you like product placement in your movies, then you’re going to love “Man of Steel,” the new Superman movie. Ad Age reports that 100 companies have paid a combined $160 million for the rights to do promotional tie-ins.

It’s possibly the biggest ever number of marketers attached to a single movie.

From a Clark Kent-inspired glasses collection by Warby Parker to a new Nokia mobile phone, which presumably will have super-signal, the film will be littered with placed products from commercial partners.

While promotional tie-ins and product placement are nothing new in Hollywood, to my opinion it has gone too far, the attraction of dollar has even changed personal identity of a man called James Bond, i mean how the guy who has strong taste for vodka martinis and driving an Aston Martin ends up drinking Heineken !



About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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One Response to Collaboration Brand and Movie, Is it good or bad ?

  1. Indra Wiriady says:

    I’ve read that Italian Job’s producer turned down other car brands, because he prefer Mini Cooper.

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