Is Product Placement a good investment for brands ?

For more than a century, the motion picture has reigned supreme as the world’s ultimate storytelling tool. The sheer size of the “big screen,” Hollywood’s confidence that their product can hold audience attention for upwards of three hours, and budgets that run into the hundreds of millions, all proclaim the dominance of their art form. So it’s no wonder that over the decades, advertisers have so eagerly turned to the tool of product placement when looking to associate their brands with a great story

Take Iron Man 3 for example

Tony Stark still drives his trademark car: Audi R8. This time Audi included Audi R8 e-tron, company’s first all-electric sports car prototype. Stark’s cute assistant Pepper Potts drives an Audi S7.

One of the most interesting product placement categories in Iron Man 3 are sunglasses. We can see Tony Stark wearing London Calling by Initium Eyewear and two models M2002 and M3023 by Matsuda Eyewear. Also, Ben Kingsley wore Aviators by Randolph Engineering. More on Iron Man product placement :

Product placement is an investment for brands trying to reach a niche audience, and many brand owners and marketing media agency believe that film product placement will increase consumer awareness of a particular brand especially A big-budget feature film that has expectations of grossing millions.

Due to investment that involve millions dollar, doing product placement require special capability, there is even a Marketing Service Agency that specialize focus on Brand placement in the movie, one of the very best one is Seesaw Media, they have successfully placed several brands in blockbuster movies includes latest Fast and Furious 6. Seesaw Media is also the agency who successfully changed James Bond’s long habit of Martini with Heineken Beer with contract deal worth USD 45 mio!

Why brands is willing to pay so much for few seconds show up in movie screen ?

It has been found that product placements are effective is getting people to buy or chose products. There were studies a group of children watched a clip of the movie Home Alone, which featured Pepsi. After watching the movie, the children were given the choice of Pepsi or Coke. 67% of children who had just watched the movie chose Pepsi whereas only 42% of the children who did not see a clip with Pepsi chose Pepsi

But at the other side, many brand strategists also have doubt the effectiveness of Brand Placement, too many brands that appears in movie are easily forgotten.

how many of you that remember Ford Car appears in movie 21 Jump Street, Act of Valor, Contraband & Men In Black 3.

How many of you can remember Acura car, Bose Audio, CNN, Harley-Davidson, LG, MAC Cosmetics, MSNBC, Oracle appear in Blockbuster movie Avengers

So what do you think, still confident that Product Placement is a good investment for brand or is it a money waste marketing program ?



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