Leadership Lesson from Captain Kirk and Starfleet Crew

J.J. Abrams’ 2009 reboot of Star Trek was wildly successful. It raked in hundreds of millions at the box office, and revitalized the Star Trek franchise, It also did something no Trek movie had done before; it made Star Trek ‘cool’ in the public consciousness. with this week release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, that trend is very likely to continue.

Well, this writing is not about movie review, this article is about Leadership and Management Lesson i learn from watching Movie Star Trek – Into Darkness :

1. Managing Leadership : If you are chosen to be a leader, ACT LIKE ONE
When Spocks fell into “soon to erupt” volcano, Kirk as starship captain is forced to make tough decision, whether to obey law on “Never show your starship to the ingeneous people” but he will lose his right wing and best friend, Spocks or …. breaking the law and save his subordinates from volcano eruption, both are equally tough decision to make.

As a business or organization leader, you often get expose to situation where you have to take difficult decision, even with insufficient supporting data.

This is the time to prove your leadership, show people your capability to make right decision by combining risk calculation, past experience, capability, resource and … Instinct

2. Managing Expectation : The right story is always be the true story
I’m not a Vulcan like Mr. Spocks, yet Both of us share the same belief that if people made mistake, They gain nothing by telling lies or try to hide skeleton under carpet. The best story is the true story !

Trust me, Your boss doesn’t like Surprise, in business, we want to minimize surprise, we want things to run smooth and as per plan, that’s the reason we do Planning

3. Managing Recruitment : Never Hire “a yes man”
When comes to recruitment, especially recruiting your right wing man, you tend to recruit someone “similar” like you, someone who shares your treat and character.

The problem of hiring someone similiar to your qualities, that person tends to agree with almost all decision you made, due to complexity of business, it is best to get someone who dares to say No to you, someone who can think at different angle, can see flaws on your plan and dare to object your plan, of course with a strong argument.

That’s the reason Captain Kirk picked Spocks as his right hand man, he dares to argue and discuss his opinion, in regards sometimes his opinion is exact opposite of his boss’

4. Managing Relationship : Never burn the bridge with ex colleague
It was one of the most surpising scene, seeing Captain Kirk fired Scotty, the expert who responsible to run Starfleet engine.

Once a while we might get into disagreement with colleagues, boss or even subordinates, Just … Don’t burn the bridge, coz there might be time, somewhere in future, that you might need to contact that person again.

When you have to part way or fire someone, do it with respect, save that person’s dignity, when in time you need that person again, things wouldn’t be so awkward, that’s what happened to Captain Kirk when he need to call back Scotty to get his support.

5. Managing Subordinates : Have trust on your subordinates
When you assamble your team, make sure you hire the best you can get in market (still within budget), it will give you peace of mind, knowing you can count on them during crisis period, even during absence of you.

That’s what Captain Kirk does, he trusts Chekov to replace Scotty, regardless running warp engine is not Chekov’s expertise, or even asked Sulu to assume captain position during his absence.

6. The enemy of your enemy is not necessary your friend
The old assumptiom Enemy of your enemy is your friend often proven wrong, what is right is …aliance can only be made as long as there’s commn interest.

Captain Kirk miscalculated forming alliance with Khan to defeat admiral Marcus, turn out Khan has his own agenda.

7. Managing Crisis : Ready to make difficult decision for greater good
During time of crisis, a leader is expected to make tough decision, even the decision means he has to sacrife people or his own.

That’s what King Leonidas and his 300 men did when he is forced to fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C in order to save his entire nation from slavery. Similar decision is made by Captain Kirk, exposing himself to Nuke radiation when fixing starship engine to save entire ship crews.

Watching Star Trek into Darkness is fun, thrilling and highly reccomended, again, thanks Captain Kirk, Spocks and entire starfleet crew for sharing with us lots of management and leadership lesson!




About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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3 Responses to Leadership Lesson from Captain Kirk and Starfleet Crew

  1. neosisifus says:

    Typos are everywhere, but yet it’s a thoughtful writing (again). Very well summarized and relevant to leadership. Thanks, Chief!

  2. Marcell says:

    Thanks for the sharing.. Great job, bro…

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