How Parents Influence Your Future Career

While a lot of people still have no idea what they want to be in next 10 years in regards they are already at University, I considered myself very lucky that i know what I’ll become at a very young age.

My dad owned a small company, when i was still in primary school, SD, he picked me up at school and brought me to his office. I stayed in his office, sitting in one of staffs table. He even gave me small table in corner of meeting room and asked me to sit there during his meeting.

I was dead boring, seriously, i have no idea what they talked about and unlike kids today that fully equipped with BB, Iphone or PSP , my dad just game me blank paper and pencil to keep me busy

While my school mates hung out with peers, my dad “forced” me accompanying him meeting suppliers or check our small factory. I was like asking “what the hell I’m doing here… ”

Reaching Junior school, SMP, again, while my classmates read comic books, Lima Sekawan Novel or try to access Enny Arrow, my dad bought me buku Kiat Bisnis by Bondan @PakBondan Winarno, I read Swa Business Magazines since I was 15 years old.
Well, luckily i was not banned to roller skate at Lipstick or noon time disco at Stardust

Years later I realized that’s the way my dad “prepared” me to enter busines world. I started my career at a very young age, not reaching 19 years old yet.

Majalah Swa influenced me a lot, in one of Swa edition, there is profile of Roy Tirtadji, he became Lippo VP at the age of 40. Another edition that influenced me a lot is profile of Tanri Abeng , Manajer 1 Milyar.

The word “1 milyar” was unthinkable, having 1 milyar is beyond my wildest imagination.

I asked my dad whether Tanri was just bluffing, it was a mind blowing hearing someone can get 1 milyar salary. My dad just gave me simple answer “Believe, work hard and you’ll be there… ”

The rest is a journey …l

Today, without even i have to tell my dad, he knows I have exceeded his target

Thanks both of you ,mom and dad, not just giving me direction but also follow through ensuring i stay focus on the course


About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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