Success is about making the impossible possible

The impossible

When we looked at what human has achieved in last 25 years, there are tons of things that we don’t even think it will exist today

– my first computer, year 1988 was PC AT 380 which came with floppy disc drive and Hard Disc 40 MB, while today I’m writing this blog using 10″ Ipad 64 GB

– my first portable communication gadget ,year 1994, was a Pager brand Starco, you need to call central operator and the operator will send the message to your device, it is like mobile phone with only sms capability

– my first mobile phone ,year 1996, was B&0 337 which is heavy enough to kill someone if you threw the phone to someone’s head, yes, it was black and white 2 layer screen.

– looking at TV 25 years ago with fat CRT, who would think someday TV as as slim as LCD TV today

– 25 years ago only businessmen and the have afford to buy plane ticket, and today, most people afford to fly

– 25 years ago you can only listen to music from radio cassette, today, you can play, record, download, exchange music with multiple devices.

You may disagree with the list, you may have more to add but remember: almost everything you take for granted today was at one time considered impossible or unthinkable.

One day I was asked to share experience in one of the universities. When I told the students to believe Nothing is Impossible, one of the students raised his hand and said “pak, it’s easy for you to say, success is possible, it’s easy to say people’s past background has nothing to do with future success, coz u were born rich and afford overseas study….”

I smiled, most people only see a skin deep.

25 years ago I was just a poor kid who sells cake from one house to another so i can pay my school fee. i have to walk 8 KMs back and forth to school. My parents only afford to buy for me ONE pair of shoes once a year. We lived in kampong side of Jakarta, in a house that always flood during rainy season, if the rain was heavy, the flood reached 1.5 m high.

I worked hard, both to ensure i can finance my day to day life and studied hard to get scholarship so i don’t need to pay for school fee. I’ve been blessed with a lot of opportunities, getting a lot of help from people around me.

Well, looking at myself today, reaching my current level now was Unthinkable, not in my wildest dream 25 years ago..

Most people still think in terms of impossibilities but if you wanted to be successful, you must think in terms of POSSIBILITIES.

Look at those technology inventors like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Successful people know that just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. They also know it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

In management, your boss tells you to “think outside the box” but in reality, most successful people don’t even know if there is a box.

Nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible. Your mind is a very powerful weapon . If you projected your mind and think everything is possible, then it is happening. The Universe will align it self and make it happened !

All you need to do is tell yourself that SUCCESS is MY RIGHT

Why not be the person who never gives up? Believe in stuff, believe in people, believe in YOU!

Somebody is going to do the impossible today, it might as well be YOU !



About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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4 Responses to Success is about making the impossible possible

  1. Fight your feeling and your body too 😀

  2. haryoprast says:

    Reading your blog again today 🙂
    As you said, 25 years ago, struggle, hustle and stuffs during the years, make me look back to my years before. And yes, it’s unthinkable what we have now, and it’s time to give back to those who already gave us such opportunities, chances, helps, supports, and prayers 🙂

  3. Very true Hary, that’s how we pay back to society

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