Leadership Learn from Iron Man 3 movie

Business learning from Iron Man 3
Robert Downey Jr returns as the metal-suited Marvel superhero, in a sequel to the last Iron Man movie in 2010, The film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley as well, has already made a staggering $200-million at the time I wrote this blog, around the world in the last week.
What i like about this third installment of Iron man is more humane touch on the story and still have the big bang action of super hero movie. The story impressed me, it is a story about a human being, here are things I learn from the movie : 
Never Under Estimate Your Enemy 
When you have a fortune at level of one of the richest bachelor on the planet, Tony Starks plus knowing you have a mini nuclear power planted on your chess, it’s really a thin line between showing confident and …arrogant.
After seeing so many terrorist act done by Mandarin, the enemy of Iron Man, Tony got really pissed, in front of cameramen from all Media, he simply said “come and get me …here is my details address ……”
Within hours, the enemy sending armada of military grade chopter , blew up Tony’s residence and almost killed Tony, his soulmate and ex girlfriend *grin 😜
In real life, Never under estimate your competitors, you might only know them on surface but the real power lies deep hidden inside.
Always treat people in respect
A long life journey, there was time that ,whether purposely or not purposely, that we hurt, said or did something bad to other people.
Tony Starks did the same thing,  he never realized what he did in the past will bring harm to his future, his ignorance has turned a genius nerd into a powerful strong enemy that live with single purpose, to make revenge to the person who hurt him deeply.
The learning is …always treat people, any background or level, with respect, treat people like as you wanna be treated, not just to your boss or customers, but also to your team mates, subordinates, workers, and yes, bus driver who brought you back from office to home is included.
What you see is not always what you get.
Sometimes the real enemy is invisible, turn out to be the unexpected person, in Ion Man 3 movie,  you noticed that The image of bad guy, mandarin, showed in the news is not the enemy, the real Mandarin turn out to be one of Pepper friends
In real business life we’ve seen tons of example that sometimes the most deadly enemy is the one we can’t see now. Nokia 10 years ago wouldn’t even dream that the competitors that brought them down are Apple, RIM and Samsung whose name were not even ring a bell in top global players mobile phone industry.
Success is about how fast you get up after getting a knock off
Tony Starks faced one of his strongest enemies, Mandarin, his entire property was burned and he himself was knocked out real bad, he even has to hide in other to protect his beloved one. And surprisingly, in my opinion, this part is the best scene of movie Iron Man 3.
In our real life, the same thing happened, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, once a while you probably even get knocked out by your competitors or life experience.
You Always Need A Friend or …. a Strong Soulmate
In good or bad, your friends are your closest ally who will help you through the storm, strange thing also in life, sometimes a stranger can also turned to be your savior.
Tony Starks is lucky to have s good and strong brother in arm like colonel James “The War Machine” Rhodes and side by side helping him to fight enemy. Aside from Rhodes, Tony also got help from a stranger, a kid he met when he is on hiding.
In time of crisis, at critical hour, as in real life, you can count on your family or ehemmm….soul mate to save your life. Who will ever guess that just when The Mandarin about to kill Tony “Iron Man” Starks, his life are being saved by Pepper, his soulmate :))
Prepare Plan B
Tony Starks has prepared for the worst situation, he prepared dozens of copy smart Iron Man who will save his life in critical hours.
A wise man said “preparation for war is made during peace time”, you’ll never able to estimate future accurately, what you can do is stay alert, get ready and prepare plan B, plan C, Plan D, etc 
Focus on Greater Good.
Sometimes during time of crisis, the will be situation when you have to made unpopular decision, to even sacrifice your self in order to save greater good. Always focus at big picture, it’s ok to lose few battles in order to win entire war.
Well, those are my take after watching Iron man 3, do you have any learning taken from the movie ? 

About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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4 Responses to Leadership Learn from Iron Man 3 movie

  1. Edwin Setiadi says:

    smart men take care of themselves – the mechanic.
    apart from being a social culture, we do need to always be proactive

  2. Ren Yazan says:

    Pak, bertanya, soal materi presentasi Preparing Indonesia for AFTA 2013, katenye mau dipos di mari Pakkkk? Ditunggu postnya ya, Pak. Buat bikin resume nih, ehehehe 🙂

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