Ending the war between Sales and Marketing


sales marketing 300x200 Catatan KulTwit  “Relasi Marketing & Sales” By G Montadaro

Memasuki tahun 2013 ternyata masih ada teman teman yang masih galau ayang yang bedain peran tim Marketing dan tim Sales,  seringkali juga denger tim sales dan marketing rebut sendiri 🙂

lets discuss about how to build working relationship between #Sales & #Marketing

Too often a company’ #sales & #marketing group are out of sync , at worst, they’re rivals.  Sometimes both #sales & #marketing literally undermining each other, exaggeration ? Sadly, we’ve seen it often

#Marketing people accuses #Sales never following direction and agreed strategy , “karepe dhewe” basa Jowo-e While #Sales people think #marketing only know theory & concept, doesn’t understand real market, create useless program or POSM

Why should #Sales & #marketing work together ? Can they really work together ? 

I do believe good #marketing will enable sales, will make #sales life easier. Marketing draw strategy, provide weapon & Sales guys go out fighting the war 

#Marketing  draws customers attention, describe offer / benefits while Sales nurture relationship, build business case & execute transaction

Both #Sales and #marketing have to meet often and work like couple, require a lot of open communication, take & give but it’s worth the time. but….How sales and marketing can work together ?

1.Think #Sales as #Marketing’s customer : marketing team build weapon to help sales team win more revenue

2. Both #Sales #Marketing sit down together to discuss what POSM or communication tool needed. Don’t make material that Sales can’t / won’t use

3. Develop goals, objective & measurement metric together : #Sales & #marketing have to align expectation, what to achieve & how to. #marketing is the brain and #sales is the muscle. Run it simultan. If #Sales needs revenue, #marketing helps on promo or campaign while if marketing needs to launch new products, Sales must be ready &support

4. #Sales & #marketing have to syncronize product launch and sales cycle.  Like it or not, #sales happen in cycle, big hit is normally come by end quarter, end semester, end year or just certain season Ex : if ur product is toys, then #Marketing have to prepare to launch 2 months before lebaran or christmas so sales can plan pipeline 

5. both  #Marketing & #Sales have to involve SCM to complete S&OP cycle (Sales, Operation Planning ) so everyone will be at same page 

6. #Sales & #Marketing align on communication message and tools, get easy-to-digest format. good tools help Sales explain product in 10 min. when #marketing produce POSM, #Sales have to make sure complete deployment as per direction and agreed execution measurement


About Gabriel Montadaro

Vice President in one of Multinational companies by day and Night Rider After Dark, A humble servant of God, a curious Traveller, hopelessly romantic, You talk - I listen
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4 Responses to Ending the war between Sales and Marketing

  1. Emank harusnya bis sync, Goalnya khan Sama… Memperbesar omset dan mempertahankannya 😀 nice insight.

  2. haryoprast says:

    Dear Gabriel, it’s really nice to see you at wordpress 🙂

    IMHO, tentang sales vs marketing, yang buat gap hanya ego saja. Ego si marketing vs ego si sales, yang akan saling klaim keberhasilan jika terjadi spike sales ataupun bisa jadi jika market share atau brand awareness naik. Well, sales bisa jadi ikutan klaim punya andil di naiknya brand awareness atau market share karena jualan yang fantastis, sebaliknya marketing punya andil di sales yg spiked, karena merasa sudah buat product plan hingga communication plan ATL-BTL-TTL whatever yang bagus. Kompetisi sebenarnya ada di luar sana, tapi instead of get together, malah cari musuh di dalam 😦

    Semuanya akan blend in kalau keduanya bisa meet in halfway, saling mengalah untuk ketemu ditengah. Bisa jadi karena dua-duanya legowo mau rembugan buat achievement di both brand dan sales yang lebih optimal, atau mungkin 2 divisi itu dipimpin oleh 1 orang yang sama (seperti di tempat saya bekerja sekarang)?

    Something that I believe in is : If it’s not sell, then it’s not cretive enough.
    Jadi kalau dua-duanya kreatif, marketing kreatif di pull strategy dan sales di push strategy-nya, mau selalu duduk bareng with lots of positivities, than there will be no problem. Or is it only a myth or only a ideal condition, that we’re dream about? 😉

    By the way, I also have a writings about ‘If it’s not sell, then it’s not cretive enough’ :


    Feel free to drop by. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Hary, thanks for dropping by and comments 😊 tulisan saya memang untuk nyadarin temen2 sales dan marketing kalo musuh tuh ada di luar dan both department mesti bekerja sama, will drop by in your blog too 👍

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