40 Positive Quote that might change you ….

Found this well written article on Words of Wisdom which i believe all are very useful for us, whatever your age

1. You are not your job. You are not the amount of cash you have in the bank. You are not your possessions.

2. Find your passion. Look for what inspires you. Find what you love to do and pursue it with all your heart. You may well find a way how to make money from doing it.

3. Love hurts. But it is so much better than closing yourself off for fear of being hurt and not experiencing love.

4. Communication and respect are the foundations for a lasting relationship.

5. Three things are needed in a relationship — lust, love, and shared values.

6. Never compare yourself to others. It’s a waste of energy. You are unique and have your own gifts to offer the world

7. Look after your health — physical, mental, and spiritual.

8. Don’t complain. Decide what you will tolerate and get on with life.

9. Set boundaries — work, family, and friendships.

10. Little stuff matters — manners get you a long way.

11. Be grateful. List the things you are grateful for everyday.

12. Expect to fail. Failure is not fatal. Learn the lessons, then get back up and try again.

13. Have outrageous dreams. You’ll be amazed at what comes true.

14. Act with integrity at all times.

15. Call your parents. They may well have screwed up but they raised you to the best of their abilities.

16. Know your values. Let no one violate what you hold as important be that a boss or your partner.

17. Dou don’t need to have it all worked out. Tomorrow is another day.

18. Lighten up on yourself. Breathe deeply and slowly.

19. Listen to your inner dialogue. Would you speak to someone you love in the same way?

20. Take risks, take leaps of faith. You’ll grow wings.

21. Be of service to others. Be interested in others. People will always remember what you did for them.

22. “No” is a complete sentence.

23. Don’t stress so much over decisions. Decisions needn’t be forever.

24. Cultivate and nurture friendships. With love and care they can last a lifetime. At the same time don’t be afraid to edit friendships.

25. You are enough just as you are. Perfect in your imperfection.

26. Bearn to accept compliments. Simply say ‘thank you’.

27. Be willing to show that you are vulnerable. It is in fact the greatest act of courage.

28. You are never alone.

29. Forgive. Yourself first and then others. We are all in this together.
Your attitude is always a choice.

30. Laugh a lot. Have fun.

32. Magic happens outside your comfort zone.

33. Learn to love yourself now. It gets harder if you leave it until you’re older.

34. Don’t worry about what other people think. They think about you a lot less than you imagine.

35. Follow your intuition. Your guts have the answer. Every time.

36. Happiness starts within. Do not expect anyone else to make you happy.

37. Be financially savvy right from the off. Save 10%. Debt is not pretty. Make your own lunch for work. A cappuccino and a sandwich a day soon add up.

38. Life isn’t a race. Stop and smell the roses. Really.

39. When overwhelmed ask yourself, “Will this even be an issue in 5 years time?”

40. Change happens. It’s one of the great certainties in life. Learn to roll with it.

Written by Rebecca perkin for HufftingtonPost

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Rejection is just a delayed success – story of Brian Acton

You probably have read today that Facebook bought Messenger Application WhatApps for $16 Billion http://t.co/D13MY1KLkh

Yeah, that is a HUGE money, but i’m not gonna discuss about that gigantic transaction. My focus of this writing is the guy called Brian Acton

In the middle of 2009, Brian Acton was the software engineer that no one wanted to hire. Despite a dozen years of experience at Yahoo and Apple Computer, he got turned down by two of the Internet’s brightest stars at the time.

First Twitter said no in May. Then Facebook rejected him in August.


When Acton couldn’t find work at another big-name company, he took his chances on the start-up route instead. Teaming up with another Yahoo alum, Jan Koum, he helped build WhatsApp, a Mountain View, Calif., start-up that has become the king of cloud-based messaging.

Today WhatsApp is in the headlines this week because Facebook has agreed to buy the company for a stunning $16 billion in stock and cash, along with as much as $3 billion in restricted stock units for the founders.

Learning from the above story, yes, i fully agree Rejection sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, rejection is a part of success. People who avoid rejection don’t get hurt or disappointed, but neither do they feel accomplished or successful.

No one likes to hear “no”, but you can’t achieve your goals without taking a risk. you shouldn’t feel hurt or question your value. You might need to improve your presentation or skills.

In career and business, “no” isn’t always “no”. Sometimes “no” means, “not now,” “maybe,” or “more information is needed. Timing and talking to the right person can play a part in getting hired or making a sale. Just because one person said “no” doesn’t mean everyone will. So shake off the rejection and move forward with the attitude that you’re weeding through nos to find the yeses.

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

We don’t always have control over some unfortunate events, but we can exercise control over our mind and attitude. When one of these things happens, and we focus our attention on the loss – the closed door, we see only a closed door with the resultant frustration and unhappiness.

If we could only move our sight and attention away from the closed door, we might be surprised to discover new, open doors which might lead to greater success !


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Winning = Strong Will + Preparation

Confucius once said “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”

Well, A lot of people have the idea having a BIG DREAM and stay OPTIMIST are key to achieve their life goal, thinking all they had to do was sit around and think about what they wanted. After a while, it would magically appear.

I fully agree while thinking is important, especially critical thinking and planning, ACTION… doing the things to make what you want to happen real is much more important. Nothing happens unless you practice before you put the ball in play.

The will to win pushes you past weaknesses, talent gaps and the chatter from those around you. The will to win comes from your gut. It’s an inner knowing that pushes you past obstacles and gives you the energy to keep moving even when you’ve just been dealt your biggest set-back.

However ….

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.”
Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

It’s a lot like learning how to swim, ride a bike, or prepare to take your first Marathon. You make mistakes. You learn what to do and not to do. You use Just in Time Learning to discover what you need to achieve the next level. You make lots of mistakes. But soon you can actually swim, ride your bike, or hit finish line.

This is how it’s done in any field. Think – Practice – Persevere.


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Help Others Unconditionally, See The Good In People

The single most important thing that I have learned in my business career and personal life is that you need to help others unconditionally.

This means that when someone calls for help, regardless calling you directly, through a friend or perhaps through social media, it is in your own best interest to help them.

This might be giving a reference for a job seeker or it might be acting as a sounding board for a new business concept dreamed up by an entrepreneur. A colleague might need someone to talk to while in a personal crisis. Someone ask for blood donation. Twitfriends are asking to retwit finding missing friends / families.

Some people perhaps just need a friend to talk to, someone to listen to them. These are not Difficult things to do.


My bet is that people around you will be stunned and grateful by your generosity. It is my experience that they will give back to you in a variety of ways. It is reasonable that they will continue the relationship with you. Or, they may refer you or your business to others. If you have a product or service that they need, they will buy from you.

Your reward may not come right away. It might come much later or not at all. Expect Nothing in return.

Sometimes We find ourselves holding back, fearful of being cheated, afraid to sacrifice a piece of ourselves. Plus, we’ve all been wronged numerous times. Seems It’s hard to see the good in someone when they just lied to you or cheated on you.

But what if we looked beyond all this and just loved?

As you become more proficient in finding positive aspects in other people, you get better at seeing positive aspects of yourself. Seeing the good in other people is not just necessary for giving good compliments; it also substantially improves your own happiness!

Love because you’re grateful for the things someone has done for you. Love because someone needs you, needs a friend to lean on during their struggles. This unconditional love is something that can so easily be given if we recognize it, and that can change someone else’s life completely.

When we love and treat each other with the utmost care and attention, the little things that bother us seem far less overwhelming.

What would the world be like if we stopped looking to get something in return, and just loved unconditionally, for the happiness and inner peace it brings us all ?


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Six Leadership Lesson from Ender’s Game movie

I have watched this movie “Ender’s game” for 5 times and still amazed on its storyline. The movie is based on the book Ender’s Game, was first written in 1985.

In fact, the leadership skills displayed by Ender Wiggin have been so influential that the book has several times appeared on military college reading lists to provide examples of leadership. And while not everything Ender used is applicable to every day life – we’re not all soldiers, after all – there are 6 leadership lessons from the book that can guide us in our organizations and businesses :

“Ender Wiggin: In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him”
To conquer the market, you must understand your market landscape and your competition completely, you’ll be obsessed to know every single details of competitors from their internal organization to their strategy and tactical pattern.

“Mazer Rackham: There is no teacher but the enemy. Only he will tell you where you are weak, where he is strong”
Competition is a good thing. It’s about finding out how well you can do something under pressure. It’s about challenging yourself to get better.

“Mazer Rackham: He’s abandoning his entire fleet.
Petra Arkanian: I still don’t have a clear shot.
Bernard: We’re burning up!
Ender Wiggin: Bean! On my count accelerate the fighters from the nose of the formation in a continuous stream…Like bullets from a rifle, you will clear a visual for Petra! We will drill a hole through the swarm… Petra, you will only get a second.
Petra Arkanian: That’s all I need…”
The above scene shows Ender understands and focus on big picture, sometimes you need to sacrifice many things in order to achieve the intended goals. Leader’s is measured by his ability to make hard and bold decision in critical time.

Ender also made it a priority to know everything about the people under his command. Their strengths, their weaknesses, what they were good at and what they weren’t. In practice, he drove them hard, but one-on-one, he was friendlier and helped each member of his Army achieve their highest potential.

“Ender Wiggin: I’ll do everything I can to win this war”
You compete to succeed; to be the best you can be. Yes, it is also about winning. Actually, it’s about wanting to win, working to win and preparing to win.

“Colonel Hyrum Graff: If you succeed, you will be remembered as a hero”
Everybody loves Winner. Winning is good, but it feels even better when you are grateful to others for helping you along.



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Is There Such Thing Like A Born Salesman ?

So often we hear that “so and so” is a born salesperson. This statement also implies that this salesperson’s self-confidence is born as well. However is that really true?

Salesman are MADE not born. Think about that statement, your not a born shop assistant, your not a born mechanic, your not a born doctor are you?

You are what you are because you choose to follow a path, by following that path you learn skills and techniques that made you the person you are.

Great salesman are great because they have drive, they have passion, and they
absorb information .They get a Buzz out of getting up in the morning and making that first call, they can handle rejection, better than you when you when you were first dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend !

Yes self-confidence is an internal talent or skill and is quite often confused with self-esteem. Essentially self-confidence is the capacity to maintain inner strength necessary to succeed or to develop the inner strength necessary to succeed.

Self-confidence can be developed or made just like any other talent or skill set. There are strategies that strengthen self-confidence such as, positive self talk, positive belief or affirmation statement and consistent achievement of personal goals

All human beings including salespeople have the capacity to succeed. How each individual demonstrates that “born” capacity is what separates truly successful salespersons from those who are not as successful.

Give them a break,value them, look after them. Invest in them, nuture them as you would lovingly nuture a plant in the garden and watch them grow and mature to be The BEST sales force you dreamed of.


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Have you ever wondered?

Please read.

Near the metro station sits a woman of uncertain age. Her hair is dirty, her head bowed in grief.

The woman sits on the dirty floor and next to her lies a bag. In that bag people throw money. In the hands of the woman, asleep, is a two year old baby. He’s in dirty clothes.

Numerous passers-by will donate money. Our kind of people always feel sorry for less fortunate. We are ready to give unfortunate people the last shirt, the last penny out of our pocket without hesitation.

I walked past a beggar for a month. Did not give any money, as I knew that this is a gang operated scam and money collected by the beggar will be given to whoever controls beggars in the area. Those people own numerous luxury properties and cars.

A month later, walking past the beggars, as shock, it suddenly hit me.

I’m at a busy crossing, staring at the baby, dressed as always in a dirty track suit. I realized that it seemed odd, finding a child in a dirty underground station from morning to evening.

The baby slept. Never sobbed or screamed, always asleep, burying his face in the knee of a woman who was his so-called mum.

Do any of you have children between the age of 1 to 3? Do you remember how they are unable to sleep more than 2 hours at a time? However, these kids are always asleep. Always! Therefore my suspicion grew.

“Why does he sleeps all the time?” I asked, staring at the baby.

The beggar pretended not to hear me. She lowered her eyes and hid her face in the collar of her shabby jacket. I repeated the question. The woman looked up. She looked somewhere behind my back, tired with utter irritation.

“F **k off”, her lips murmured.

Behind me someone put his hand on my shoulder. I looked back. An old man was looking at me disapprovingly: “What do you want from her? Can’t you see how hard she’s got it in her life.” He gets some coins from his pocket and throws them in the beggar’s bag.

The beggar portrayed a face of humility and universal grief. The guy removed his hand from my shoulder and strolled out of the underground station.

I bet, at home, he will tell how he defended poor, distraught woman from a soulless man in a tube station.

Next day I called a friend. From my friend I managed to find out that this business, despite the apparent spontaneity, clearly organized. Its supervised by begging organized crime rings.

The children used are “rented” from families of alcoholics, or simply stolen.

I needed to get the answer to the question – why is the baby sleeping? And I received it. My friend told me in a calm voice, “They are on heroin, or vodka”

I was dumbfounded. “Who is on heroin or vodka?! ”

He answered, “The child, so he doesn’t scream. The woman will be sitting whole day with him, imagine how he might get bored?”

In order to make the baby sleep the whole day, he is pumped with vodka or drugs. Of course, children’s bodies are not able to cope with such a shock. And children often die. The most terrible thing – sometimes children die during the “working day”. The “mother” must hold another dead child on her hands until the evening. These are the rules. And the by passers-by will throw some money in the bag, and believe that they are doing a good deed. Helping a single mom.

The next day I was walking near the same underground station. I stocked up a journalistic identity, and was ready for a serious conversation. But the conversation didn’t work out. But the following happened.

A woman was sitting on the floor and in her hands was a child. I asked her a question about the documents on the child, and, most importantly, where was yesterday’s kid, which she simply ignored.

My questions were not ignored by passers-by. I was told that I was out of my mind screaming at poor beggar with a child. In the end, I was escorted out of the tube station in disgrace. One thing remained was to call the police. When police arrived, beggar with the baby disappeared.

When you see a woman with a child, begging, think before you donate. Think about that, if it wasn’t for your hundreds of thousands of handouts, businesses like this would have died. The business would die and not the children. Do not look at the sleeping child with affection. See horror. Since you’re reading this article, you know now why the child is sleeping in beggars hands.

Please share this. And when you decide again to donate to a beggar, remember that this charity could cost another child’s life.

*copied from Passiontab.com — by Amitaflou Lagod.


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